ThinkZilla offers targeted faith based church marketing services in Houston, TX and the nearby areas. Our services encompass church PR, branding and rebranding, events management, and more. Whether you are a brand new church striving for more brand exposure or you are a well established church looking for a more refreshed brand, we can provide you with the right solutions. We are focused on Christian marketing and branding to help local churches reach more people.

Expert Church Branding & Rebranding

At ThinkZILLA, our specialized ministry branding services ensure a cohesive front for all facets of your organization. From bumper stickers for your congregation to fine tuning your logo, we offer the assistance you need every step of the way. Our branding and rebranding services include enhancing your brand with a streamlined website, a powerful mission statement, and clear messaging. We are proud to be one of the most effective church branding companies helping you take your church to the next level.

Personalized Christian Marketing Services

Our unique and personalized approach ensures that your church receives the specific marketing services needed to thrive and succeed. Our Christian marketing services have been combined into one effective program called ThinkZILLA Marketing Clinic. This program is specifically tailored to your church and will provide the effective growth your church can benefit from. Consider our ThinkZILLA Marketing Clinic as your personal marketing solution to help spread the word about your church and its mission.

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