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Thinkzilla offers marketing and PR services for churches in Atlanta, GA and the surrounding areas. Our purpose is to support area churches in spreading the word of God with targeted and specialized ministry branding services. We bring years of experience helping churches to grow their congregations and spread their messages to the right audience. Our church marketing services include active partnerships, event management, public relations, and effective marketing completed through our ThinkZILLA Faith Marketing Program.

Outstanding Church Marketing

At Thinkzilla, we are committed to providing the best church PR and faith based Christian marketing services in Atlanta, GA. Whether you are a new or well established Church, we can show you how to expand your reach and disseminate your message to more people. We get to the heart of your ministry and tap into the power of effective branding to ensure successful results for your marketing efforts.

Premium Church Branding

As one of the premier church branding companies in the area, we have developed a proprietary system of marketing that has proven to be strategically effective. We create expressive mission statements, logos, copywriting, and emotive content that allows your audience to develop genuine connections with your organization.

When you are ready to take your Church farther than you ever thought possible, contact ThinkZILLA. We look forward to providing the effective marketing solutions you can depend on.

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