Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship to Rise Above Poverty

Welcome to the Millionaire Mastermind Academy

Created to champion women who aspire to elevate their lives from poverty to a promising future through empowered entrepreneurship, the Millionaire Mastermind Academy is a pioneering nonprofit organization in Atlanta with innovative and impactful programs directly benefiting the lives of thousands of female business owners and the next generation of women entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

Since we started in December 2017, we have sparked, and spearheaded worthwhile entrepreneurial programs designed to alleviate the plight of women especially those in low-income and economically unstable environments.

The Millionaire Mastermind Academy has consistently fulfilled its mission to educate and support the growth of women owned businesses thereby strengthening their impact upon the economy and mitigating the problem presented by poverty.

Expanding rapidly to 4600+ brave and bold women entrepreneurs, our purpose-driven and faith-empowered community at the Millionaire Mastermind Academy has mentored 25 of them to build successful and sustainable business enterprises.

You can be the next MMA success story

Jumpstart Your Journey

Attend our Bi-monthly MMA Gathering, jam-packed with fellow women entrepreneurs to support you, inspiring business mentors to empower you, and industry leaders to give you tangible answers

Reduce the Risk of Failure

Follow a practical roadmap to entrepreneurial success with our MMA Pioneer Curriculum. Comprised of 12 comprehensive modules, a treasure trove of proven, SMART and actionable strategy, we call it the “WORLD’S #1 ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAM”

Gain Support Nationally

Join our offline and online community of female entrepreneurs, a supportive membership avenue that we are launching soon at MMA to exchange ideas, to collaborate with other business enterprises, and to support women worldwide.

Celebrate Convergence

Participate in our prestigious MMA Entrepreneur Summit, an annual event that provides a full day of learning and opportunities with 50+ sought-after speakers and hundreds of attendees, where stakeholders include leaders in the government and corporate sectors plus sponsors, investors and successful entrepreneurs all gathering up to equip aspiring entrepreneurs and minority business owners to Learn, Build & Scale.

Join the Millionaire Mastermind Academy

We advocate smart, skillful, and sustainable entrepreneurship for women who have the talent, drive, and brilliant ideas but with little to zero resources. Building a business is a challenging path but we will not let you walk alone. The Millionaire Mastermind Academy is committed to supporting your entrepreneurial goals so you can start, scale, and succeed.

Meet Our Women Entrepreneur Alumni

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